Whether an independent consultant or a consulting firm, finding clients is the primary challenge but a necessity too.

And here’s the root solution for this challenge – Focus on building trust! 

Stats reveal that 87% of clients make purchases based on their trust level in consulting services.  

So, if you never want to run out of clients and projects, you must win your client’s trust.  

This blog uncovers the 18 best ways that will help you find new potential clients/projects.

Let’s dive in.

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Before you start finding your clients and projects, do these things!   

These are some excellent practices to help you achieve your set target. Let’s have a closer view at them: 

1. Define your niche   

Consulting businesses always seek to offer multiple services to attract more audience and revenue.

But doing the exact opposite will help you achieve the target you set.   

Defining your niche lets you focus on a particular service and increases your probability of becoming an industry expert.  

Moreover, you build credibility among your target audience when you work dedicatedly in a niche. 

2. Identify your ideal customer persona 

When you know their personalities, it becomes easy for you to strategize your outreach or inbound marketing campaigns accordingly.

Here it would be best to consider every factor that falls under demographics and psychographics.

Follow these five simple steps to identify to ideal clients:

  1. Look at your past clientele from your contact management data and identify the ones you enjoyed working with. Further, understand why you enjoyed working with them.  
  2. Next is to look at characteristics that your clients share. For instance, are all my clients CEO? Or do they belong to a specific geography? Or are they from the same industry? Or more.
  3. Then, it’s time to analyze their shared fears and challenges. You must know this to address it in your pitches and projects.  
  4. Next, you can now clearly picture your ideal client persona. Now, you know whom to market. 

3. Discover your unique value proposition

Your unique value proposition must include factors that speak for your work. It should be:  

  • Relevant to your client’s concerns and challenges. It must showcase how you can assist in overcoming the problems.  
  • Discussing the value you bring and the benefits they experience.   
  • Offering something that differentiates you from the competitors. These will be your USPs (unique selling points).

18 Efficient ways of finding consulting clients   

As I said before, the easiest way of getting a consulting client is by winning their trust.

So, the techniques mentioned below are a perfect way of getting clients by building their trust in your services.

1. Create an official website for your consulting firm

Finding ideal clients becomes more manageable if you have developed a dedicated website for your consultancy.  

Your website is the home place for your offerings. It provides all the information you offer, including your unique value propositions and social proofs (past happy clients’ testimonials or case studies), pricing, etc.

Moreover, you must leverage it to present unique solutions through blogs and other free resources.

In short, your website should showcase all your expertise and knowledge and presents you as a professional consulting company helping you gain the trust of your website visitors.  

Ensure that your website should be well-designed and offer a smooth customer experience.

Just have a look at Rapidops‘ website. It is an IT service and consulting company. You can use this website as a reference for building your own.  

Rapidops - Digital Product Development Company

Remember, you must optimize your website for search engines to attract your target audience. As for the fact, 50% of management consulting companies weekly update their websites.

You can also practice inbound tactics like developing targeted content, creating gated resources as lead magnets, placing catchy CTAs smartly over content, developing case studies and testimonials, etc.

This way building a high- functionality website builds client trust in your consulting business and offers more sign-ups. 

Capture More Leads, Fuel Your Success!

Capture More Leads, Fuel Your Success!

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2. Practice networking   

Networking means meeting and spreading awareness about yourself and discovering how others could be your potential customers.  

It lets you get into in-person interactions and build credibility and trust among your networks.

Thus, use these networks to gain more clients and projects.   

You can open doors to get more consulting clients and projects by joining:  

  • Industry based meetups  
  • Conferences and trade shows  
  • Conventions and exhibitions  
  • Professional association events   
  • Niche-specific seminars/webinars

You should not miss any opportunity to impress your potential clients to get more projects on board.   

3. Have a strong social media presence  

Consultancies must have a sane social media presence as this help boost their brand visibility.

Choose the right social platform for your business (LinkedIn is good for consultants). Then, build your profile describing your consulting values.

Your social platform profiles should talk loudly about services and unique value propositions. Here’s an example of a LinkedIn profile of the Tierra consulting firm.

Tierra Consulting Firm Overview

You need to be working towards helping your potential customers through sharing content that solves their problems.

Here are some best practices for finding more consulting clients fast through social media:  

  • Focus on using multiple platforms; this will help you reach a mass audience.   
  • Interact with your followers; this will keep your audience engaged.  
  • Collaborate with relevant influencers; this will help you build brand awareness.  
  • Schedule your social media posts to get more engagement.  
  • Measure the post’s performance using metrics.  

Ensure you are active on your social platforms, as this builds your credibility and trust among your audience. 

4. Leverage Facebook platform  

Here’s how you can leverage this platform to its fullest and gain results:  

  • Use Facebook search to find people who need your help: You can go to the search bar and type “help with Facebook ads” to connect with people who need your help.   
  • Start creating a Facebook ad campaign: Create hyper-targeted campaigns, test different strategies, and pick the most effective one to attract leads. 
  • Use Facebook groups to add the target audience as “friends” and use direct messages: This is an organic way to engage with potential clients and find common interests. Start conversations, identify opportunities, and attract more clients organically. 

5. Offer shareable and high-quality content   

Crafting and marketing helpful content boosts your brand visibility, gets more engagement, and establishes you as a thought leader.

Your content must include their pain points and unique solutions to overcome obstacles.

This doesn’t mean you give all your knowledge and leave the paying customers questioned for their penny. But to provide small solutions to some problems.

When you offer audience-specific and helpful content, you can better connect and attract them to your business.

You can also offer shareable content; here are the best ones:  

  • E-books   
  • Templates    
  • White papers  
  • Checklist   
  • Industry specific infographics  
  • Insightful videos 

You can also use gated content like downloadable resources, templates, etc., as lead magnets.

Must follow the below tips when creating shareable content for your consulting company: 

Tips to create shareable content

Further, you can practice content syndication to increase your reach.  

Hence, reusable and shareable content will build your audience’s trust in your consulting business.  

6. Leverage email marketing 

With 4.37 billion email users worldwide, email marketing has become a potential platform for getting clients. Here are some best tactics to attract clients with email marketing:

  • Personalize email targeting 

Personalization grabs your client’s attention and also makes them feel valued. You can consistently provide value to nurture and grow your business effectively. 

  • Sharing valuable offers  

Sending emails with meaningful offers can help you get interesting prospects. These can be offering a winning checklist, report, templates, etc.  

  • Starting your newsletter to build your followership 

A newsletter is an insightful resource that sends to attract and engages clients. In this, you can send holiday greetings, industry insights, valuable tips, company updates, etc.  

The best part about emailing strategy is that you can set this for autopilot to scale your responses.

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7. Cold call outreach 

Look if your audience really wants to hear from you or is annoyed with the calls.

You must draft a precise cold pitch if you’re a consulting business whose audience entertains cold calling strategy.

Also, if cold calling is one of your primary tactics, using calling software with high-value features like auto-dialing, auto-recording, and voicemail drop is worth to invest. 

8. Partner with other consultants and firms  

Partnering with other consultants and firms is a great idea to build or grow your client base.   

On having your niche decided, you should partner with a consultant that offers different services. This collaboration should be such that it’s a win-win situation for both of you.  

For example, if you excel in offering tax-saving financial services, you should partner with someone who is an investment consultant. This way, your clients can benefit from both of your services.   

You can get those clients of your investment consultant partner looking for tax-saving services.

Similarly, your clients looking for smart investment consultancy can connect to your consulting business partner.

Want to find your ideal consulting partnerships?

Try out these actionable tips: 

  • Register your consultancy business profile to the best consulting firm directory. 
  • Contact the consulting firms/consultants working or serving your former organizations. 
  • Try to seek potential consulting firms in your domain of expertise. 

However, you must practice these tips carefully, as certain drawbacks exist.  

One such drawback is downplaying your brand. It means you are working under your partner’s brand and adding value to their name and brand instead of your own.

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