Best tools for field sales

Field sales software is developed for personnel that work in the traditional door-to-door sales environment. It assigns logical pathways to salespeople in order to enhance efficiency. These technologies can help salespeople navigate sales routes & keep management up to date on where their personnel are for any particular time. Field sales software can also be used to track successful transactions or deals as well as track the activities of mobile sales teams. 

Field sales software is a component of larger sales software. Most sales software offers workers digital areas that may be contacted by phone, text, or video chat, but direct selling software is unique in that it assigns real location territories to personnel. Direct selling software connects marketers to the front doors of their prospects. Certain solutions can also interact with or operate as a CRM, collecting contact information & acting as a central location for updates & field notes. 

A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Field Sales category: 

  • Make physical channels for sales. 
  • Allow management to see where their staff are and how they’re doing. 
  • Integrate with such a CRM or provide salespeople the capability to capture transactional data and contact information. 
  • Produce reports that detail sales activities and results. 
  • Geopointe

Geopointe is just a Salesforce AppExchange Partner as well as the AppExchange’s leading location application. End-users, administrators, administrators, & developers can utilise Geopointe to tap through into geographic features of the data to improve economies and optimise processes. 

  • SalesRabbit

Every part of the sales and marketing process is optimised using SalesRabbit. With our tried-and-true approach, you can track prospects, manage regions, collect data, & shatter sales records. 

  • Veloxy

Veloxy is a revenue-increasing technology that doubles and improves your selling efforts while removing non-selling efforts that waste time and money. It’s a truly coherent sales platform which helps you close more deals & generate more leads by providing a single touchpoint throughout all devices for your critical sales skills – sales engagement, real success, sales productivity, plus Salesforce adoption. 

  • Badger Maps 

Badger Maps is just a route planner for the outside salespeople. It simplifies area management. Badger uses a map to show sales data, optimises daily routes and timetables, and provides meeting reports. The outdoor or outside salesman is the type of representative who visits consumers face-to-face, and the app concentrates on them. It gives them the best possibilities and leads all along route, allowing them to address their daily challenges in minutes instead of hours. 

  • Handshake

Handshake is a solution for B2B customer purchasing and order input by sales reps. It is for businesses that sell to major retailers or other businesses, such as brands, manufacturers, and distributors. Handshake assists you in providing modern B2b e – commerce experiences for quick online ordering as well as a smartphone app for shelf-side sales when your customers are on the floor. 

  • Repsly 

Repsly’s retail performance solution, developed for the CPG/FMCG sector, enables field teams to reach peak performance and maximise their influence on sales. The Repsly mobile app enables teams to operate better in the field & collect data on the point-of-sale execution. 

  • Geo Rep

Geo Rep is a multi-industry, all-in-one sales force management platform for any organisation with sales, promotional, merchandising, or field support personnel in the fields as well as a product or service to sell. We serve as a connection between the headquarters as well as the field. Field personnel can benefit from clear planning, optimum direction, responsibilities, essential insights, simple admin, as well as a better sales process thanks to Geo Rep. 

  • LeadSquared CRM

LeadSquared CRM is a sales execution & field force management software all in one. It assists organisations in increasing closures, managing pipelines, and precisely attributing their ROI. 

  • ForceManager

ForceManager is the top CRM with a full-featured WebApp. It is designed for a variety of work environments, including the house, office, and field. Because of its user-friendly design, built-in geolocation capabilities, & high user adoption rates, the solution has been a huge success. 

  • Pitcher

Pitcher is a renowned provider of field sales teams with sales strategy and content marketing. The Pitcher Super App makes things simpler for field marketing and business workers to plan, perform, and analyse their clients’ interactions using an intuitive and everything tool. Customers & field reps may be more engaged throughout the advertising & distribution lifecycle. It helps by using the immersive, feature-rich software. Desktop and mobile devices can use it.

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