Best sales apps in 2022

Trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) encourage the employees to use their mobile phones for operational excellence. Sales representatives are also progressively relying on technology to generate leads, close sales, and manage the selling process more effectively. 

In this post, we will discuss the best applications for salespeople. The apps will assist you in working, collaborating, managing routes, and accomplishing more than you’d have completed without them!

LeadSquared Mobile CRM

Leadsquared Mobile CRM is an excellent tool for automating your sales reps’ daily tasks. The app allows you to automatically allocate leads as well as notify selling reps within the field for immediate follow up. Your sales reps can view their sales reports paths on a GPS chart with customer premises. 

The app also includes geofencing and done by robots check-in and check-out features to save effort and time. 


Salespeople no longer need a computer or Excel spreadsheets to make presentations; instead, they can use Keynote to create visually beautiful introductions on the fly! 

You can use the free tool to create expert presentations, put extra effects, and impress your clients. You can work collaboratively with the team in real time using a smartphone or mobile device. 


WhatsApp is just a free download that allows you to communicate with your contact details by sending files and documents. You can also use video calls to communicate with coworkers or clients. 

WhatsApp is not really a professional application and should only be used to communicate with team members. 


Slack is a great messaging program that allows you to communicate with the entire team or colleagues. You may also work with your team to manage your chats as well as other material by creating channels.

Slack provides a unified interface via which you can manage all of your conversations and interact with others. 


LinkedIn is a terrific site to obtain leads and sales prospects, especially if you offer to businesses. You may look up the names of the main decisions and even speak with them. Knowing to whom to approach spares salespeople the anguish of having to go through many gatekeepers before reaching the person in authority. 

Time Buddy

Time Buddy is an excellent program for conducting online meetings for traveling sales representatives. You can plan meetings in just about any local time and have the time automatically updated for the attendees. The app also functions as a globe clock and time zone converter. 

The program also works with Calendar Events to help you manage and sort your appointments. 

Profit Story

Your quotes are not the same for each client. A variety of elements, such as profit margin & budget, influence your quote. 

Profit Story is an excellent tool for calculating profit margins as well as a variety of other profit-related measures. You can compute- 

When a value changes, the program automatically adjusts other metrics. Profit Story allows you to always know the influence of your quotations on business. 


Document scanning appears to be an essential aspect of the sales process. So why not provide your sales representatives with a convenient document scanner? 

DocScan is an app that allows you to scan documents like an expert using the smartphone or tablet. The program is absolutely free, and it saves scanned photographs as JPG and PDF files. Before saving the papers, you can also draw lines & remarks. The scans are in great resolution, so you can confidently email them to clients and colleagues. 


Sending or receiving huge files might be inconvenient. You merely receive the notice “this file is too huge to send” and are unsure what to do next. 

Dropbox can become a good way to send & store massive files that your device does not support. The cloud-based tool saves all of your work and allows you to collaborate with your colleagues. There is a normal plan that permits three users per account, as well as a corporate plan. 


On a daily basis, sales representatives must keep records of a plethora of details. They must attend meetings, follow up with clients, meet with new prospects, and send documents- this list goes on and on! 

Wunderlist enables your sales representatives to digitize existing to-do lists or share them with colleagues for collaboration. This program allows you to manage and arrange your tasks easily. 

Final Thoughts 

The apps we mentioned can help salespeople enhance their productivity and to save time. More apps are being released every day, so stay up to date to take advantage of the most recent apps. If we forgot to mention any apps, please give your thoughts in the comments.

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